Symphony of Shifting Tides (Elancia Chronicles: Book 1) - Paperback

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Author: Leilani Wilson
Word Count: 197,070
Page Count: 486
Size: 6" x 9"
Cover Artist: NightlineZ
Interior Artist: Renz
Series: Elancia Chronicles
Book Number: 1
Publication Date: April 2019


This title was the winner of a 2019 Leo Literary Award, and nominated for a 2019 Coyotl Award.

Verse is an aggressively apathetic (former) pirate with no idea of their age and a plethora of missing memories. They—and a group of friends they may someday forget—are thrown into a conflict that is tearing the world of Elancia apart, this one far deadlier than the last.

It's salvation? Well, that changes with each person you ask.

Over the course of the next few months, Verse is forced to confront their missing memories, a sister in their dreams that probably doesn't exist, and a plethora of questions regarding themself.

There’s something locked up inside of Verse, and it may just be a monster.

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    Symphony of Shifting Tides Review

    Posted by Nenekiri Bookwyrm on Aug 4th 2021

    A wonderful fantasy adventure that stars a trans character center stage. I really fell in love with all the characters in the book. Verse, Xan, Cecelia, Basil, and Karina were great to follow throughout the course of the story. Two things to know upfront about the book. One of the main character’s Verse, speaks in an accent in all of their dialogue. I found that I was translating their speech patterns soon after the first few pages but I’m aware that can be a turn-off for folks. I think it’s a neat way to show that this character is speaking in a language they’re unfamiliar with, but I digress. Second thing to know is that this story is dense. There is a lot of love and attention put into this book and the world of Elancia and it shines through. As such, there is also a lot of ground that gets covered throughout the story and concepts are thrown out at the reader at a fairly brisk pace. I think where Shifting Tides shines the most is in the way it handles how the characters react to being a part of a world that is ending. The process is slow, but it’s still happening, and how each character reacts to it feeds into the narrative. One of my favorite bits in the book are the chapters where the author takes a moment to focus on one of the five main characters in a section that is meant to give more background on that particular character. These chapters give the author the space to show what that character is about and who they are in the midst of this much larger story. Alongside the main plot, there is a subplot of Verse finding out more about their past and what role they have in everything. This book leaves a lot of that information as questions for the future, but I enjoyed the answers we were given by the conclusion of this first book in the series. If you’re interested in reading more fiction starring trans and LGBTQ+ characters navigating a dying fantasy world I would absolutely recommend picking this up and giving it a try.