Symphony of Hunted Truths (Elancia Chronicles: Book 2) - eBook

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Author: Leilani Wilson
Word Count: 109,851
Cover Artist: NightlineZ
Interior Artists: Renz and NightlineZ
Series: Elancia Chronicles
Book Number: 2
Publication Date: April 2020


This title was nominated for a 2020 Leo Literary Award.

Verse is an amnesiac drifter with a past that scares them, friends they've abandoned, and a constant fear of having their own identity ripped from them. They return home in search of answers, only to find more questions: a hometown in shambles, an empire falling apart.

Forced back into a military life they thought they'd left behind, Verse once again becomes embroiled in a scheme involving rebellion, religion, and national security. This time though, there is no escaping into apathy. The spotlight is squarely on Verse, and all these plots and schemes lead right back to them.

A storm is brewing. Verse is starting to realize who they are, and how much trouble they're in.

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