Symphony of Awakened Gods (Elancia Chronicles: Book 3) - eBook

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Author: Leilani Wilson
Word Count: 163,242
Cover Artist: NightlineZ
Interior Artist: Renz
Series: Elancia Chronicles
Book Number: 3
Publication Date: February 2021


Verse is an Imperial Knight with a monster inside them. They have a tendency to get into trouble, a desire to be better, and friends who just keep popping back up, despite inherent risk. Verse has to remember what it feels like to feel anything at all, and be brave in the face of something that scares them more than anything else: love.

What begins as a look into the whereabouts of a sister uproots an entire, rotten family tree with deep roots and no trunk. Awakening Gods stalk the empire as it begins to buckle under its own weight.

The storm is breaking, and before the empire shatters completely, everyone will have to figure out where they stand, and how to survive.

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