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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

There are 5 categories of items were are looking for in this zine. They are as followed (please note that the pay rate for ALL the items listed below (minus advertisements, of course) will be paid at a rate of $0.01 per word):

- Short Stories

• We are look for short stories that are 1000-2000 words. They MUST be within this limit. Stories outside of the limit will not be considered. We are also only allowing one story per author per issue.
• We are only looking for 3-5 stories per issue, so know that we will have some extremely strict quality limits.
• The stories must be furry in nature (the main character or theme must be of a predominantly furry nature) and they must not have any sexual or graphically violent content.
• Reprints will be considered, but we would HIGHLY prefer original stories for this.
• We are asking for exclusive rights to the story for six months from the publication date. After that, the story will be free for you to do whatever with.

- Book Reviews

• We are looking to 1-2 reviews per issue of a furry book. The book does not have to be fandom-published, but the restrictions for what book can be reviewed mirror those of the short stories that can be submitted. The story must be predominantly furry in nature, whether that applies to the main character(s) or theme(s).
• The reviews must be 750 words or less. Longer reviews will not be considered at this time. The reviews must NOT spoil important plot points or details about the book. For example, you can introduce that Sally is the main character of a story and what her prime objective is (so long as that can be inferred by the blurb or the first few pages), but you can’t talk about the excellent plot twist where she’s actually a he and is really named Sam.
• The reviews we are looking for will highlight the strengths of the story being reviewed. For this, we are asking that reviews be mostly (75% or more) positive. While we understand that some books do deserve a mostly negative review, and that all books have their flaws, we are trying to highlight the strengths within furry literature, not its weaknesses. Flaws can be touched upon in the reviews, but they should not be the main focus.
• Reviews that have been posted elsewhere may be considered, but usually only as a last resort. We are looking for new reviews. Please note, though, that immediately after the issue containing your review is released, you may feel free to post the review elsewhere.

- Articles on Writing/Blog Posts

• Those blog posts you see on the Furry Writers' Guild website? On [adjective][species]? On Dogpatch Press? Other furry websites? We’re looking for those as well. 1-2 of them per issue.

• The posts must be focused around writing/literature, and should relate to furry writing or the furry fandom in some significant way.
• We will not take a duplicate topic within 12-months of the topic’s previous issue. For example, if in the January-March issue, we have an article about the need for more furry zines, we do not want another article about furry zines until at LEAST January-March the following year.
• Posts must be under 1000 words. Longer articles will not be considered at this time.

- Advertisements

• We are looking for three different sizes of advertisements. The prices and sizes are as followed (though please note that prices are likely to go up in future issue, if the zine grows in popularity):

- Full-page (8.5"x5.5") - $20.00 each (2 per issue)
- Half-page (4.25"x5.5") - $10.00 each (4 per issue)
- Quarter-page/banner (2.125"x5.5") - $5.00 each (4 per issue)

• The advertisement must be focused around furry literature in some way (though we WILL accept advertisements for conventions, so long as the focus is on the convention as the whole or the writer-track portion of the convention). We will also not accept more than one advertisement (regardless of size) for any particular item. However, different advertisements are allowed. For example, a furry publisher may have a full-page to advertise their publishing company, then one half and quarter page each to promote new books (each ad would need to promote a different book).
• The ads must not be sexual in nature. For example, you may advertise an adult anthology as long as the cover is something you’d be comfortable showing to your relatives. Also, if your ARE advertising an adult anthology, you must indicate in the ad somewhere that the item is for a mature audience only.
• Please note: If you’re the author of a book that is published by another company, please make sure that you have the rights, per your contract, to do any of your own marketing.
• Concerning links in advertisements: because the final product will be sold as a PDF (or other applicable ebook file-type), direct links are not allowed (e.g. "To buy my book, please click HERE"). Instead, you may type out the link (e.g. "To buy my book, please visit www.bookwebsite.com/booktitle").

- Miscellaneous Content

• We are not limited to the previous four items here! We’re open to suggestions for new sections to add, such as writer interviews, ‘ask the editor’ segments, etc. If you have segment you would like to see in this zine, please reach out to our team!

Submissions and Inquires

Please send submissions and inquiries to content[at]goalpublications[dot]com. Please format the subject of your email to say: "Inquiry – [Insert the subject of your inquiry]" or "Submission – [Type of submission] – [Name of story/subject of submission]".

If your email is a submission, please make sure the body of the email includes: your name (legal name and preferred pen name (if different from your legal name)), a more detailed description of what you’re submitting, the number of words, a brief synopsis, and whether or not the item has been featured elsewhere (and if so, where).

All submissions should be formatted as followed:

• .doc or .rtf format
• 12pt, Times New Roman font
• Single-spaced

Not following these guidelines will heavily hurt your chances of being accepted, so I’d advise that they are followed as close as feasibly possible.


Submissions will open for the first time on September 15th, 2015, and will follow the following schedule from that point on:

• Submissions open September 16th – November 15th, issue released on December 15th
• Submissions open December 16th – February 15th, issue released on March 15th
• Submissions open March 16th – May 15th, issue released on June 15th
• Submissions open June 16th – August 15th, issue released on September 15th

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