Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for:

Goal Publications is looking for standalone works of a "furry" nature, meaning that your main character(s) must be anthropomorphic animals, or animals with a human level of intelligence. (Think Redwall, Watership Down, or even general sci-fi/fantasy books with alien/mythical creatures that while still possessing a human level of intelligence, are some sort of animal/creature.) We are looking specifically for works that truly utilize the species and characteristics of the anthropomorphic animals portrayed. The fur and claws on your characters should not just be for aesthetic purposes. Have further questions about what this all means? Please send in a query.
The Goal Publications imprint is only accepting work that can be enjoyed by both a young-adult audience and an adult audience (think ages 13/14+). Any work that you would not feel comfortable marketing to someone under the age of 16 will not be accepted by this imprint.

Fanged Fiction is looking for standalone works with the same stipulations as listed above, with the difference that this imprint is specifically looking for works of a 16+ nature. While erotic-focused stories/18+ only stories are entirely fine for this imprint, please make sure the erotic scenes have some sort of importance to the plot. 

We are closed to Pocket Shots (novelettes) from 10,000-15,000 (both imprints) until further notice. Due to the low profit margins, we are unsure when (or if) we will be able to continue taking these projects.
What are Pocket Shots? These titles give a home to those short stories that needed more room, or those novellas that just didn't need more padding. While there are no specific theme to these stories, they must follow the same content guidelines as our other submission calls.

We are not accepting works between 15,000-20,000 words.

We are closed to novels/novellas from 20,000-140,000 words (both imprints) until 2022/2023. While we do accept up to 140,000 words, we would prefer works to be over 25,000 words and under 120,000 words. Under 25,000 or over 120,000 words may hurt your chances of being accepted, while under 20,000 words or over 140,000 words will result in an immediate rejection.

We are also closed to single-author collections within the above word-count standards (both imprints) until 2022/2023. Please note that single-author collections containing a large quantity of previously-published stories, or collections with no unifying theme, will have a lesser chance of being accepted for publication. We recommend at least 50% of your works be unpublished.

We do not foresee having any short story markets open until at least 2023, possibly later.

We are asking for First Rights on all submissions when possible. While we may consider previously-published standalone works, we will only do so if:
• All other contracts the work is involved with have fully expired of their exclusivity clauses (you may be asked for proof of this)
• Work that's been posted online is taken down in its entirety upon acceptance
• It's the start of a series in which you plan to submit an unpublished work to accompany
• It's a single-author collection that also contains unreleased work (we are asking that at least 50% of the collection be previously unreleased works)

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.



Royalty payments will occur quarterly during the calendar year (so long as the payment is at least $5.00 USD, otherwise payment may be held until the next quarter). Payments will be made by direct bank transfer (USA authors only) or PayPal, based upon the author's preference. If neither of these payment options are viable, we're happy to discuss alternatives.

At the close of each quarter, whether authors are due a payment or not, we will provide a statement of exactly how many books were sold each quarter, and through what means. This statement will be sent via email, unless another form of communication has been deemed accepted by both us an the author. Our promise is that this information and any owed payments will be sent within one month of the close of each quarter.

How to Submit or Query:

Please use the form located on our Novel/Novella Submissions page to submit, or the form on our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry. Please do not send unsolicited emails or Telegram messages with queries or submissions.

While we have no problem with being queried, we would prefer that the entire manuscript be submitted when you actually go to submit. However, if you have completed the first 50% of your novel or novella (15k+ words), and can agree to a hard completion deadline upon acceptance, you may submit anyway. Please note that our estimated turnaround times for judging and responding to submissions is one to three months. This timeframe may change on here without warning, and can potentially take longer.

All submissions should be formatted as followed:
• .doc, .docx, or .rtf format (we will not open submissions in any other file format)
• Arial, Calibri, or Garamond font (12pt)
• Single-spaced
• Your legal name (including preferred pronouns, if you wish), address, and email should be in the upper-right corner of the first page
• Indented paragraphs—do not separate paragraphs with line-breaks
• No headers or footers

Not following these guidelines will heavily hurt your chances of being accepted, so we advise that they are followed as close as feasibly possible.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.