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Author: Renee Carter Hall
Word Count: 18,768
Cover Artist: Lizspit
Publication Date: November 2018

This story was original published in "STRAEON #1: Malady Fare"


Jak's curiosity has always set him apart from the other young rakuun, but for the most part his clan has accepted his odd ways—until he finds a mysterious object that just might be a relic of the ones Before.

His discovery sparks an adventure that will lead him far from his home and into the dangerous lands beyond. As dreams and visions of the days Before compel him onward, Jak struggles to find meaning in the sights and sounds flooding his mind. Has his curiosity led him to his people's destiny, or simply to the destruction of everything he loves?

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This title is the second of our "Pocket Shots", which are 4" x 6" novelettes under 20k words—small enough to possibly fit in the pocket of your pants!