Shattered Salvation (Tristan: Book 4) - eBook

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Author: Sylvain St-Pierre
Word Count: 133,251
Cover Artist: Ilya Royz
Series: Tristan
Book Number: 4
Bite Level: Chomp
Publication Date: September 2019


Medication, solution, salvation, annihilation.

After years of working together, Tristan and Alex now know what to expect from one another. Tristan has molded Alex into a weapon, and Alex accepts his place is at Tristan’s side.

It starts with a rescue mission, getting an old man out of a medium security prison, but gets complicated when it’s revealed the old man knows a secret that could destroy the universe, and that someone is already after it.

Tristan might not care for the destruction of the universe, except that he's intrinsically linked to its survival. With only his own survival in mind he chases Salvation, before it can shatter the universe.

Due to graphic depictions of violence, somewhat descriptive M/M sex, and extremely sensitive subject matter, this title is recommended to those over the age of 18.

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