Protecting the Line (Inheriting the Line: Book 4) - eBook

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Author: Sylvain St-Pierre
Word Count: 152,012
Cover Artist: Ilya Royz
Series: Inheriting the Line
Book Number: 4
Bite Level: Eviscerate
Publication Date: June 2021


I thought life would be simple after dealing with Society backstabbing, a creature from another god, and revealing my secret to my closest friends. All I’d have to do was get my new private security company off the ground while dealing with Alice’s constant harassment and Tom trying to run my life.

But amidst trying to find a friend who seems to have turned against me, a different enemy returns to offer his help.

All I wanted was a quiet life of running my company and having guys in my bed—and considering who my god is, it should have been a sure thing—but if I want my quiet days, I’m going to have to fight for them, and possibly take to bed the one man I’d rather kill.

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Due to a heavy amount of explicit sexual content (M/M) and sensitive subject matter (including copious amounts incest between usually-consenting adults), this title is only available to those over the age of 18.