Intro to Furry Literature Bundle

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New to reading furry literature? Or do you want to be exposed to a lot of new authors and styles? Regardless of your reasoning, this bundle is a great place to start! More options will be added to this bundle as they are released.

You get all the books in this bundle for 20% off the list price (discount already included)

Bundle includes:

A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature

A Reusable Tote Bag (Free with bundle*)

• Your Choice of Anthology
The Daily Grind
Thrill of the Hunt (18+)
Claw the Way to Victory
Give Yourself a Hand (18+)
Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Vol 1

• Your Choice of "Pocket Shot" (novelettes) OR novella
Beyond Acacia Ridge (Pocket Shot)
Signal (Pocket Shot)
Melody of a Street Corner (Pocket Shot)
Lunar Cavity (Pocket Shot)
Of Birds and Branches (Pocket Shot)
When a Cat Loves a Dog (Novella)
Rightful Salvage (Novella)

* Because this bundle as it is cannot be shipped directly from our printers, international shipping will be far more expensive than usual if we include the bag, so orders placed outside of the USA will only include the books so it can be shipped direct-from-printer as usual.