More items will be added to this as new questions are asked. If your question is not answered here, you may contact us directly.

Sales and Ordering

Q - What are the benefits of pre-ordering?

A - Most pre-orders not only give you access to a product before it goes live (typically a week or more), but products available for pre-order typically are on sale. A typical pre-order sale is 10% off.


Q - Why pre-order? Why not just wait until I see you at a convention?

A - Pre-ordering, along with the benefits listed above, help us out greatly, as it gives us a better idea of the number of copies to bring with us to conventions. It also helps to more immediately pay for things like cover art, initial advertising, and (in the case of anthologies) author/editor payments. We are a small, indie business mainly run by one person. There's never a guarantee we'll even make it to your next convention.


Q - Is going to be released as an ebook? Can I pre-order the ebook?

A - While we can't guarantee that we'll be given the digital rights to every book we publish in paperback form, you can assume that the title will indeed come out as an ebook! Ebooks get released on the official release date for a book. For example, if we open paperback pre-orders on April 5th for a book being released on June 1st, the ebook will come out on June 1st.


Due to limitations with our website software, we cannot do pre-orders on any digital product, which includes digital music albums. With all of our digital projects, a download link gets emailed to you automatically once a purchase is complete, and if you have an account here on our site (which we strongly recommend), you will be able to re-download the item through there if you ever lose the email. If an item isn't released yet, the software has no way of doing that.


Q - I would like to sell your books at a convention. How do I go about that?

A - Check out the section below on "Distribution".


Q - I see a title has a certain Bite Level (see section below for more about "Bite Levels"), but I'm still unsure what sort of content warnings I should expect. What should I do?
A - Feel free to contact us with your concerns. If you have any specific items you're looking to avoid, as sometimes topics that aren't sensitive for some are for you, please make sure to mention those in particular. We want to be as transparent as we feasibly can.


Q - Why buy ebooks from you versus Amazon/other booksellers? Why allow other people to sell them at all?
A - When you purchase an ebook from us, you get all of the available formats for the ebook, which means if you, for example, currently have a Kindle, and get tired of that, you can use another format to put the same book on a different, non-Amazon device.


Also, we get the full retail price for the book, and thus we can pay our authors their full royalty rates. This may require you looking up how to add a book to your device of choice manually, but it ensures everyone that worked so hard to bring you the final product gets compensated. When you purchase the ebook from another source, while us and the author still get compensated, it's at a lesser rate, since the entity you purchased the book from will want their own cut, but at least it's a sale, we get money, and you get to enjoy your book.


Q - Can I create an account? I don't remember what books I have/haven't purchased.
A - As of July 2021, you now can! We've moved our website to a new host, and this one supports user accounts. As far as adding previous orders are concerned, the only way we've found to do this is to have you make an account, and then for us to make a manual order onto that account with the items you've previously purchased. We'd prefer not to do this if possible as it does create a slight issue in our inventory and sales system, but it's a small enough we're happy to do it upon request. Please contact us if you wish for us to do so.


Q - What happened to free USPS Media Mail shipping?
A - Due to the rising costs of USPS shipping, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer free shipping. Especially with single-book orders, the cost to ship the book was as much or more than our profit margin. We are a small, indie publisher that doesn't really make a profit from all this. We need all the help we can get!


Q - I'm having trouble figuring out what I like. Can I message for recommendations?
A - In a resounding voice, ABSOLUTELY! One of the biggest joys we get to have at conventions is to talk about how much we love our titles, as well as the work both our authors and our team have put into them, and we would love to do the same thing online for you!

We do ask, however, that you provide a little more information than, "I can't decide what to buy. What should I get?" Give us some of your interests or things you're look for/looking to avoid in a book. Maybe link us to other books you want similar content to. Something that can give us a little guidance. If you are worried about specific content warnings in a book, or wish to ask further about the content of a certain book, you can also ask that!


We recommend you either contact us through our form, or via a direct message on Twitter @goalpublication or @fangedfiction.

Shipping and Returns

Q - What shipping methods do you use?
A - Within the USA, we offer USPS (typically media mail, though orders containing only smaller items like stickers and bookmarks may go out as postage), as well as UPS ground. If you require another shipping service, please contact us and we can discuss alternate shipping methods.


Q - What about international shipping?
A - All books (with the exception of our "books with character" copies) going to places outside of the USA are one-off printed and shipped directly from the printer. All merchandise and "books with character", or any other items that must be shipped directly from us, will go via USPS International Post. Please note that with items shipped directly from us (as well as items shipped directly from the printer, depending on your country of residence), you will most likely owe import taxes in your own country to retrieve the order. We unfortunately have no way of telling how much those imports will be, and we know in some countries, the import taxes are currently more than the price of the items you'd be purchasing.


Q - How do I return an item?
A - We will accept returns on physical products in sellable condition, less shipping charges (the buyer is responsible for return shipping) within 30 days of purchase and our authorization. We will accept exchanges on physical products delivered in unsellable condition, less shipping charges if you've chosen an uninsured shipping option (the buyer is responsible for return shipping in that case) within 30 days of purchase and our authorization, with a picture of the issue and the description, so we may get our own credit from either the shipper or the printer.


To obtain authorization, contact us.


We do not accept any returns on digital products ever, for any reason. If there is an issue with your digital product, please contact us directly so we may attempt to resolve the issue. We do not accept PayPal chargebacks as a valid method of return, and using a PayPal chargeback will get you blocked from ordering items with us ever again. Seriously, don't do it.


If you find that you've purchased a duplicate digital item, and we can confirm you have purchased the digital item before, we may be willing to offer you store credit in the amount of that item. Please note that to obtain store credit, you will need to make an account on our website.

Submissions and Queries

Q - I see you aren't open for submissions, but I really want to send you this story anyway! Should I?
A - No, 100% not. Our submission guidelines (including dates of when certain markets are open) act not only as guide to prepare you story for us to read, but they also act as a test to see if you can follow directions (and thus work with an editor). Ignoring any part of the guidelines, especially something as major as submitting to us when we aren't open, not only will ensure your story doesn't get read, but might make us consider not reading your work in the future.


Q - I want to submit this story, but I don't know if it adheres to your content guidelines. Will I be faulted for submitting if it doesn't?
A - 99 times out of 100, you will not be. The most common case of this is the question, "Does my story fit the anthology theme?" If you can sell us upon submission that you believe it does, we'll look at it. Who knows? Maybe we are super into your loose interpretation of the theme, and it can be a standout in the collection.


That 1 time out of 100 would likely mean we asked for you to specifically not include a topic (hate against a specific group of people, rape (which includes sex with those that can't legally consent), etc.) and you included it anyway. Then we would indeed hold that against you. So don't do that.


Q - I'm under 18 years of age/am a legal minor in my country, and I want to send you a story! Can I do so?
A - You can, but please note that to accept the story, we must be able to sign a legally-binding contract with you. This means we'd have to have your parent or legal guardian sign the contract, with all rights involved to alter the contract when you become a legal adult, reverting rights to you. Under no circumstances will we allow your parent or legal guardians to retain ownership of your contract after you become a legal adult.


Q - My story is only partially completed, but I want to send it to you before submissions close. Am I allowed to?
A - If your story is for a short story market, the answer is no. That must be complete before submitting. If you're sending a novel/novella (over 15k words), then yes. If you've completed at least the first 50% of your story, then you may send it over. If you you do this, please include an estimated date on when you might complete the story, as if we accept your story, we'll want a hard deadline. We understand that in the process of writing, you may not know exactly what "50%" means in terms of word count. Whatever you think 50% might mean, make sure there's a little more written, and send that in. We typically have a good idea of whether we want to accept or reject a story in the first 20 pages anyway, alongside your answers to our submission form, but this gives us more to work with.


Q - My story was rejected. Are you okay with me asking why?
A - The short answer is not particularly, no.


The longer answer: while we won't hold it against you for future submissions for asking why (unless you're rude in your reply), if we do reply, we're likely to give the same/a similar answer to all: "The story just wasn't right for our market at this time." Most markets outside of a tight-knit community like furry will indeed hold it against you for responding to your rejection at all (even something like, "Thank you for your consideration and good luck with the project"). Our editors have attempted to give detailed rejection letters in the past, which often ends up as an argument of something like, "You just didn't understand my story well enough," or, "well I can fix those things and resubmit, right?".


We really do appreciate your submissions, as without submissions, we wouldn't have new content to publish. Please understand there are a lot of factors involved when deciding whether or not to accept a submission, and while your story may not be a good fit for the market it has been submitted to, it may be good fit for another market of ours, or a market that's not ours.

Bite Levels/Content Warnings

Q - What are "Bite Levels"?
A - "Bite Levels" are something we've recently implemented with our more risque books to make sure they end up in the hands of mature readers.


- Books with a Bite Level of "Nibble" are recommended for readers ages 16 and older, but those slightly younger with a higher maturity level still might be okay reading these titles. Possible reasoning for this content level: On-screen sexual situations (not described in detail, but clearly happening), larger amounts of harsh language, and non-excessive levels of gore.


- Books with a Bite Level of "Chomp" are recommended for readers ages 18 and older, but those slightly younger with a higher maturity level still might be okay reading these titles. Possible reasoning for this content level: Sexual situations (described in some detail), larger amounts of harsh language, inclusion of some sensitive topics, and non-excessive levels of gore.


- Books with a Bite Level of "Eviscerate" are reserved for those ages 18 and older. Period. Possible reasoning for this content level: Sexual situations (described in full detail), copious amounts of harsh language, inclusion of sensitive topics, and excessive levels of gore.


Q - I still have concerns about content warnings. How do I know if something I can't handle is mentioned in one of these books?

A - While we hope to have a page up in the future that talks about the content warnings of all our titles, it's not something that exists at this time. If you have any questions about content warnings on any of our titles, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. The last thing we want is for you to purchase a book that will cause that sort of distress.


Q - Why sell for you?
A - There are several reasons! Some of our authors live in areas outside of our physical sales influence, and would like to help sell more copies of their book. Some of the publishers we work with take an interest in our titles, and want others around them to share that interest. Some of our affiliates want the feeling of being a bookseller and talking with those at conventions about their wares, without wanting all the work that goes into being a publisher.


Q - Do I need to be one of your authors/editors/publisher affiliates to sell your books?
A - Not at all. While many of our non-publisher distributors are authors/editors of ours, you don't have to be in order to sell our books.


Q - Can I sell for you as well as myself/another publisher?
Of course! We welcome anyone that wishes to sell our books.


Q - Can I sell your merchandise as well?
A - Because our merchandise is printed to order by a third party, we cannot discount the price in a way that would make a viable profit margin for either of us. 


Q - What sort of discount will I get as a distributor? What should I expect my profit margin to look like?
A - As a distributor, you will be able to purchase titles at 50% of full list price (minimum order of 5 copies of a book for initial order, minimum 3 copies of a book for re-orders). While the margin will fluctuate depending on that shipping price, you can expect to make a profit of 25-35% on each book you sell.


Q - Do you have a price list with all of your title information, including upcoming releases?
A - Why yes, we certainly do! Click here to view the document. Information for titles we haven't finished edits and typesetting on may not be complete, and will be updated as soon as we have the information.

Q - Is there a minimum order that I must place?
A - Yes. The first time you order a title, you must order 5 or more copies of that title. Subsequent orders of that title must be for 3 copies or more.