Breaking the Line (Inheriting the Line: Book 5) - eBook

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Author: Sylvain St-Pierre
Word Count: 137,072
Cover Artist: Ilya Royz
Series: Inheriting the Line
Book Number: 5
Bite Level: Eviscerate
Publication Date: July 2021


All I wanted, after finding out my god let my parents die, was to crawl in a hole as far away from Him as possible, but He's now haunting my dreams. I wanted to wash my hands of this war the Society has to fight against the Gray Church, so I let Arnold Orr run the show.

But small people like us, whether we wield power or not, don’t get to have a say in what gods want, and it's becoming ever clearer that remaining on the sidelines comes with its own price—one that others seem to be paying in my place.

Maybe Damian planned all of it. Maybe we are all nothing more than his puppets, and he has magical hooks into us. But if he thinks the pain he's caused to the people I care about will deter me, he's dead wrong.

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Due to a heavy amount of explicit sexual content (M/M) and sensitive subject matter (including copious amounts incest between usually-consenting adults), this title is only available to those over the age of 18.