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Formerly a convention exclusive, we've now expanded to adding these to our online storefront! These titles have come in from our printer with minor aesthetic defects so that, while the contents of the book are perfectly still readable (and usually look entirely perfect), we don't feel comfortable charging full price. The defects usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Spines that have had some minor tearing at the top/bottom
  • Shifted printing on covers so there's either white space showing, or the printing in general looks a little crooked
  • Leftover glue from the binding process on the spine of the book that can remove ink from the cover when you try and scratch it off
  • Remaining first-edition copies of books we've done some updates on, and have moved into a second edition
  • Old display copies (has slightly torn up inside back cover from tape removal, adhesive marks on front from price labels)

Because we have received credits for these items, we are able to sell them for 40% off! These copies are only sold for a very limited time, so grab one while you can!

Current titles include:


Because this item must be shipped directly from us and not from one of our third-parties, we only recommend shipping within the USA.