We will be shutting down Goal Publications/Fanged Fiction after Q1 2022. See the full post here.

Goal Publications is the general-audience/YA-friendly publishing imprint of Ottercorrect Literature Services, an editing company based out of Norwich, CT, USA. Goal Publications was originally created in late 2015 to publish A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature, a furry webzine that even today serves as a great starting point for readers new to furry literature. While the webzine ended after its third issue, Goal Publications has expanded into another market for the furry writing community.


Goal Publications is a queer-owned, indie publishing company, and strives to publish own-voices titles from queer authors, authors of color, and authors from other marginalized groups not mentioned here.


Fanged Fiction is the 16+ imprint of Ottercorrect Literature Services, started in mid 2018 to supplement the selection of titles carried while still allowing Goal Publication to publish stories suitable for all ages.


Both imprints are known for their strict adherence to quality, only publishing a handful of novels a year.


Goal Publications and Fanged Fiction are both closing down permanently after March 2022.