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Summer Update

Published by Sean Gerace in News and Announcements · 28/7/2017 13:52:20

Apologies for the lack of updates to our news feed as of late. Since the beginning of April, I've moved to a full-time position at my day-job, which has sort of sapped away a lot of my time for editing and publishing.

The biggest announcement this post comes in that we've partnered with HTBH Games, a visual novel development company AnthroAquatic was already working with, to aid in the development of new visual novels. While we're currently closed for new visual novel submissions, there are several currently in production that we will begin linking to within our storefront over the coming weeks. While the visual novels are in production, they are free to download from their respective Patreon pages, but we are going to offer the most recent version for our e-book price, as a one-time option to support project development.

We debuted "Symbol of a Nation" at Anthrocon. The print version is up on the storefront and available for purchase, and we're hoping to get the e-book version out by the end of August.

We are continuing to look for new novel/novella submissions. Why go with Goal Publications? We offer a smaller catalogue, meaning we can take the time to be painfully familiar with each title we offer, allowing us a better time of talking to potential readers about them. We are distributed in several countries. Finally, we offer royalty minimums, meaning that if you don't get X-amount of royalties in the first year of publication, we'll advance you that money.

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