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What's to come in 2017

Published by Sean Gerace in News and Announcements · 25/12/2016 14:04:04

We have some exciting things planned for 2017 so far, including the release of two anthologies and one novel.

When They All Come Together
A Novel by Jako Malan
To be released at Fur the 'More (April 28th, 2017)
Against his better judgement and born of circumstances beyond his control, Professor Van Elsburg is hired to lead a troupe of mercenaries deep into the unexplored wastelands that surround their world. Their objective: unravel the mystery surrounding an undocumented archaeological site, and to discover the fate of the last expedition that vanished whilst trying to do the same.

When They All Come Together is an existential horror story set in a gritty post-human world, littered with rubble of a once-mighty civilization that fell suddenly, now inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals. It provides a glimpse into the origins of this crudely industrialized dystopian-utopia and the Mammalæ that keep its engines oiled, its boilers fired, and its printing presses rolling.

In a world only superficially similar to our own, it asks questions that have no easy answers, and answers questions that may have been better left unasked.

Knowledge can free the mind, but it can also destroy the soul.

The Symbol of a Nation
An Anthology edited by Fred Patten
To be released at Fur the 'More (April 28th, 2017)
National animals, often fierce predators and raptors, mark great significance in the nations they represent, whether as an emblem of war and defense or a symbol of friendship and tourism.

But these mascots aren't restricted to just nations. Look at individual states and towns, political cartoons, and even cereal boxes. Animals have been long-since used as a representation of pride and respect all over the world, and the stories contained in A Symbol of a Nation show that pride in full glory.

Whether it's the lion of Amsterdam or the sable antelope of Zimbabwe, show your respect for the symbols of these nations.

Blackgate: What Happens Next?
An Anthology Edited by AnthroAquatic and Bane
To be released at Anthrocon (June 29th, 2017)
Blackgate is a non-linear visual novel set in a town full of monsters and alien beasts where you, the human protagonist, must find work, find answers, and possibly find love.

There are only a few problems:
• There's no escape
• Most of the town wants you dead
You're going to ruin everything

The central plot of Blackgate follows different character and job paths, and the story of this town is only partially told up until now. We've tasked its hundreds of wonderful fans to come up with their most creative, yet plausible endings for the story, told from the perspective of whatever character they could want.

Blackgate contains several graphically violent and sexual scenes, and is intended for adult audiences only.

We are still open to submissions, and there's still plenty of space for releases in 2017, so we can't wait to see what material you all send us.

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